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Creating Space for Life-Changing Conversations

TalentDreams is an online mentoring platform serving youth and young adults aged 15–22. Become a Dreamer today to connect with a mentor (for free!) and get life advice, open new doors, and develop your passions.

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We’re a nonprofit organization that believes in the power and potential of youth! With the right guidance, resources, and support, our Dreamers can accomplish BIG things — and our mentors are here to help.

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Knowing where to go next isn’t always clear

Young adulthood is a period of transition and challenge — a time when many young people feel alone and overwhelmed.

What happens next? Where do I go from here?

We understand because our team has been there, too. Every TalentDreams staff member and supporter has had our own life changed through meaningful mentorship, and we want to share that opportunity with all young people.

Age, race, gender, income, interests…doesn’t matter! ALL youth are welcome in the TalentDreams family.

Our Mentors help youth find their paths & navigate life

Through our network of dedicated volunteer Mentors, we help youth turn a potentially turbulent and confusing time into a period of growth and opportunity.

How? By making space for life-changing conversations! Our online platform brings youth and mentors together to develop meaningful mentor-mentee relationships. All free, all online.

Just log into the TalentDreams platform, find a mentor, and sync up to talk about anything! Life plans, next steps, big dreams, day-to-day concerns — it’s all fair game.

Join us as a Mentor or a Dreamer today.

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Help young adults discover their talents & pursue their dreams!

We’re here to give young people a safe place to connect, question, and grow. Whether you’d like to become a mentor, a brand ambassador, or a donor, we welcome your support. (And of course, we welcome new Dreamers, too!)

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Sahil Patel TalentDreams Brand Ambassador

“I’ve been with TalentDreams since day one! I was in college at UC Berkeley and unsure of my career path when I first had a chance to connect with a Champion from TalentDreams. I learned more about a potential career in Tech and what it would be like to work at an early-stage startup. This created the foundation for an incredible professional journey and helped jumpstart my career at the time. TalentDreams opens up a world of opportunity by making it easy to connect with mentors from all walks of life. This is an organization that understands what youth and young adults face, and is passionate about listening to, understanding, and empowering Dreamers.”

Sahil Patel

UC Berkeley graduate (former Dreamer, current Champion)